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    I would like your feedback
    If anyone doesn't have much to do, could you please write some feedback about This is my first website, I just want to make sure I am on the right track.

    Thank you!

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    Your site could use some graphical work and better coding. If you would like some help, I run a web design company and we could do you up a nice site for cheap...

    That's my web design portfolio/business^^ check me out!

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    I too agree a lot more color to attract the eye and improved graphics. As an example have a look at this attached link to Australian Macworld. Their use of graphics and color is extremely eye catching and that is what you need is this competitive market.

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    Not too bad for a first attempt. I would caution about the "Gallery" section, though. If you don't own the images or have permission to distribute them from the rightful owner you could possibly run into some very serious trouble.
    Just because an image is somewhere else on the internet, doesn't give you right to use it or distribute it. It doesn't even matter if the original source is giving it away for free. You must first obtain permission to use and distribute them if you plan on keeping them on your site.
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    Not bad for a first. The overall layout is very bland but for a blog it's typical. Could use more color and a more exciting text on the buttons definitely! the content looks well done, but the website needs to catch up.

    My advice: keep it simple. 3-4 color palette and solid colors and designs. Keep it up.

    I'm looking into designing my own blog/media site from complete scratch like this but I don't know where I'm going to find the time... it's one of those projects you want to do but never seem to get to, like this stack of christmas books I have yet to touch, but know I will read and enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montie Da Champ View Post
    Your site could use some graphical work and better coding. If you would like some help, I run a web design company and we could do you up a nice site for cheap...

    Wow, for cheap, lolz. You sound a bit like a street peddler. You should try to have some pride in our industry, not devalue it by offering it as a cheap trick service.
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