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Thread: HELP ...........odd request!

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    HELP ...........odd request!
    Ok Here Is Goes,

    Is There Anyway I Can Find Out, The Date A Video Was Put Up On A Site For Streaming/download?

    Also The Date Page Was Changed

    Also The Page Is Now 'offline' From The Site But The Link Still Works So I Can Still See The Page.

    Sorry If This Is The Wrong Section,

    But I Really Need Help


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    Youtube tells you the update (added) date and does not allow a refreshed upload of the content. Other sites like mine don't say squat about the upload date of content and there is no way for you to tell.

    As the person doing the uploading, the receiving site may set a creation or alteration date you could look for, usually via a command line tool.

    Since you havn't given us a link, there is nothing more I can say.

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