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    Hi everybody...
    we would like to present you our wonderful advendure....
    We are a french couple travelling around the world on board a 38 years old french CitroŽn Van named Hachille...
    Both journalists... we share our travel on our website
    and everything is created on mac... from the texts, video editing, audio cutting, web managing, satellite web controlling...
    The site is in french but a english part explain our travel...
    if you would like us to share more on our travel in english let us know! we can create a new part for the english speaking community!
    see you soon on the road!
    Yann and Ge!
    1 MacBook Pro and 1 MacBook on a world tour trip... on board of an old frenchi van...
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    Wow, looks really cool, and I'm very jealous of your travels! I would love to be able to read up on your adventures. Nice work on the site!
    "Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others"

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    Very nice my sister is on a word trip at the moment
    And the sight is very nice
    "What you know you know, what you don't ant worth knowing!" Me

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    Nice site. It's good to see what can be done a Mac

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    This isn't about the overall layout of the site but it looks like you're having a great time!it sounds fun to have all your equipment in van and after taking lots of photos just simply load them into your computer from inside your vehichle. I might sound stupid but the idea of putting pictures and informaion about your trip onto he web is fantastic. Sorry for any spelling orgramma mistakes, I'm trying to type quickly on my iPod Touch which is running out of battery. I

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    Feb 03, 2008
    Hi all,
    First season of our world Tour on south america is over...

    but second one is already beginning!
    We are now with our 40 years old van in Asia... the plan is to drive back home to Europe...
    We still have our 2 MacBook... running very well. We improve this year our shooting equipment and we swap our Sony HDV V1 camera with the new Sony EX1... great change... perfect system with the SxS cards... high sensitivity...
    And last but not least we translat now most of our travel stories in english... you can follow us in english on our website and go to the "in english" section...
    see you on the road
    Yann and Ge
    1 MacBook Pro and 1 MacBook on a world tour trip... on board of an old frenchi van...
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