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    Hi there.

    I have had a mac for a few months now and I want to start migrating a bit of my web development work I do over from Windows to my Mac.

    I currently only work in Visual Studio. I can't leave the world of .NET but I want to be able to do some HTML, XML, XHTML and JavaScript (all the front end stuff) work on my Mac.

    I have chosen CSSEdit as a CSS editor as it looks light weight and well designed. Is there a HTML/XHTML/JavaScript editor with similar features at a similar price?

    I really want something that will have a function that allows me to quickly preview my code, changes the colour of my code depending on what it is (i.e changes my comments to a green colour or something), validates my code (well it doesn't need to validate it but sending it to W3C to get checked out would be cool) and has a design view mode.

    What I really don't want is a bloated application that also rewrites my code by adding in its own meta tags.

    I have tried to use Smultron and while it is good I like features like quick preview and I tend to work on several pages at a time (and there is no design view). I have also tried NVu but didn't get on with it as it kept crashing and didn't look very nice.

    I also want an editor that has a mac look and feel to it sort of like CSSEdit.

    Anyone know of any good software for those on a budget?

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    Perhaps Amaya ?

    Its Free and thats gotta be a good price
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    There is Taco!!!! I like Tacos.... yummy

    No, really:

    And KompoZer

    or maybe Arachnophilia?
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    Coda? Maybe Studio from Aptana, but it Mac feel may be questionable.

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    HyperEdit might interest you.

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    For CSS, StyleMaster.
    For html there are lots of cheap and/or free ones out there. I use Nvu and have never had problems with it. (BTW: KompoZer is the latest incarnation of Nvu)
    Check for more.
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    Thanks for the help.

    I'll check those apps out.

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    I'll second Coda, especially if you're already using CSS Edit. They're created by the same people and if you like CSS Edit, you'll easily love Coda.
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