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    Does anyone know what happened to this site or why it has been down for so long (about two weeks now)? I've moved my portfolio to another hosting site but I did pay for portfoliocity so I'm a bit mad that it's not working or if it's ever going to come back on again! I don't know how to contact since the site is down, and if it's permanently shut down I would like my money back! Thanks if you can help. :]

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    I e-mailed the owner, Mr Jeremy Baines about this last week. The first e-mail I sent I received no reply. I e-mailed a second time and this was Mr. Baines' response:

    Hi Tkehilliard,

    I am sorry to inform you that PortfolioCity has been unprofitable for a number of years. Recently we had to take the unfortunate decision to stop trading as a company.
    I believe there are a number of sites out there on the internet that will offer you a service like this.

    Kind regards,

    I sent Mr. Baines another e-mail, to drive home the point that I am a paying customer and that my one year contract is not complete. He replied that he is an ex-employee of, and he asked that I not e-mail him anymore at his personal email address.

    Regardless, I sent another e-mail to inform him that according to the information I found, the site was registered to him and there is an article referencing him as the owner. I also told him if the info I have is wrong please let me know who the owner is. Needless to say, he did not respond to that e-mail.
    He's full of it !!!!!

    FYI are links to some info I found pointing to Jeremy Baines as the owner:

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    tkehilliard, thanks for replying, though, i'm really mad now lol. i am really surprised at his irresponsible response. he basically took our money and ran with it without putting any sort of notification these few weeks that the website was going down soon, so not to purchase the upgrade! even if he's no longer affiliated with it it's his resonsibility. and i just signed up for it in december! i saw no warning of site closure then. is he not worried that people will take action against him?

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