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Thread: Who's Had My Visitor Counter?

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    Who's Had My Visitor Counter?
    When I set up my blog a bit over a year ago (along with a website, the sole function of which is to allow my book Common Sense to be downloaded free), I appended visitor counters to each, furnished by These worked perfectly well until a few weeks ago when I noticed that the counter had disappeared from my blog and indeed from the website too. I took this up with Statcounter but the techie who tried to help soon gave up, pleading ignorance of Macs (oh purleaze!). I also couldn't access the Statcounter website, though the last time I tried (today) I found I now can again. But the counters are still missing. Now here's the weird bit: all my visitors to either site can see the respective visitor counters. It's only when I visit that they go and hide. There are many more frustrating things in my life than this (believe me) but I'd really like to have my counters back so that I can feel that tingle of gratification when a whole slew of visitors has passed through and when I check out the details of visits and find that, for instance (this really happened), somebody dropped in after Googling "Burma" together with "lavatory paper" (yes, my blog was the top hit for that combination). So, any suggestions (not about lavatory paper, you understand)?
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    There's really not much of anything that's truly free...

    I chose to use counters that are made available from my webhost's services rather than any of the ones that are available "free" elsewhere...
    Regards - Randy in Minneapolis, MN

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