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    iWeb question/suggestions
    I have had my mac for about 6 months and my roomate and I are looking to start a website, but both of us are not well versed in this area. I was going to just purchase the .mac domain, but I did a little searching and found that iWeb can be used with other services. My question is how difficult is it to use iWeb without .mac subscription. I just wondering if anyone out there can point me in the right direction or provide some information or tips.


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    Hello Crymbs

    Just come across your query.

    It's actually very easy, and I speak a relative novice too.

    Having produced your creation, save it to a folder that you will have created for the purpose. Then using a free FTP program send it to your website.

    You must have a website. And a host. That's another ball game.....

    Cheers Mitcherooney

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    Here's a list of FTP clients you can try:

    I prefer FileZilla on my Windows systems, but haven't tried it on my MBP yet. Basically, when you set up your host with whoever it is, they should give you all the info you need to login and the IP address/hostname where you can upload the files to. It's pretty easy, so you shouldn't have any problems.

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