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Thread: Want to learn Dreamweaver & Flash - best books

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    Want to learn Dreamweaver & Flash - best books
    Ay up people. (Its Yorkshire for "Hi").

    Here's one thats probably been on before, but I can't find it so...

    As a newbie to learning web software, I'm wanting to pick up Dreamweaver and Flash to add to already vast knowledge of Indesign, Quark, Photoshop Illustrator etc (been using these for the past 18 years+).

    Which are the best resources and/or books to purchase to learn from?

    I know there are a lot of web based lessons out there, but I find from looking lately that the vast majority seemed to be aimed at users who already have scratched the surface with them. I want something thats gonna teach me how to quickly get to grips and get my head around the basics.

    I was going to buy the 'Adobe Classroom in a book' for both Dreamweaver and Flash, but on reading up on reviews, they don't seem to get a great backing, so am considering alternative options.

    I bought the same title book for Indesign and already being a long term commercial user of Quark and Illustrator, have been up and running with Indesign within weeks for the past few months now. I just keep finding better ways in Indesign to do what I do now (if that rambling made sense), so suppose am looking for an alternative method to do Web Pages and tackle Flash.

    Not looked at iWeb either (if thats a good alternative?).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know how helpful this will be, but here's my list:

    1. google online video tutorials. I'm on a brand new computer and don't have my book marks, but you should look at the "photoshop cafe". It's a large site, but Colin has free tutorials on that have been really helpful for me. Actually they aren't videos, but have good screen shots.

    2. Have you tried the CSS cookbook? It's an actual book. I've heard great things about that. If you're going to do web, you might at well get going with CSS, you can't avoid it!

    3. W3 schools. Great site from basics to advanced.

    4. CSS zen garden, site. Google it, too.

    5. Adobe's website has some tutorials on it. I found video tutorials to be the only thing that's helpful. Everything else takes me too long to find the tool/palette/window...etc.

    Finding a guru/mentor near you will be invaluable. Since you've been doing design for a while, you might already know someone that will help you. I'm SURE you could barter/trade your design expertise for their web expertise! Offer to do part of a project for them for free if they will guide you.

    There are a few books that I get all kinds of opposites reviews on. And I don't have them. I do have a few old books that did nothing to help me. They all assumed you knew where to find everything already. Soo annoying. But they are really old, so I don't know if the current editions are any better, so I won't name them.

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