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    iWeb question from a newbie
    Hi all,

    I just got myself a Imac 24" and toying around with Iweb.

    I want to make a simple site, so can do with the content of Iweb.

    However i have a little problem. Under the site "About me", i would like to add my interests and make them links to an "underside" where i explain, show pictures and so on, but i dont know what to do.

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    Hi and congratulations on your new iMac,

    Do you know how to add the text you want? If you do, this is what you need to do to add a link to the text:

    1. Select the text.

    2. Select "Hyperlink" from the Insert menu. A drop-down menu will appear with three choices. Select Webpage.

    3. A small pane will open with two tabs. Select the Format tab to set colors for your hyperlinks. If you want to use the same colors for all hyperlinks on that page of your site, put a check in the box in front of "Use for New Links on Page."

    4. Select the Hyperlink tab. Put a check in the box in front of "Enable as a hyperlink."

    5. Click the button next to "Link To" and select either "One of My Pages" to link to another page on your website (the page has to already exist) or "An External Page" to link to a web page on the Internet.

    6. If you selected "An External Page," type the full URL (including http://) in the text box below the button. If you selected "One of My Pages," click the button below the first button and select the page you want from that drop-down menu.

    7. Put a check in the box in front of "Make hyperlinks active." Close the hyperlink box.

    I hope that answers your question. If not, post back.

    Claire Rottenberg
    Homepage: Mac Tips and More
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    Thanks a lot!!

    That helped. Not got any more problems for now, else i will get back here!!

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