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    Putting a poll on my iWeb site
    I know this might be a simple question, but I'm new to iWeb. I'm creating a blog and I want to put a poll on the site. (For example, "Who do you plan to vote for president?"). I've searched the help site but I can't find anything concerning creating polls. Can anyone help?

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    You're probably going at it the wrong way, you don't necessarily "Create a Poll". What you need to do is create a form that uses radio buttons (so only one option is able to be selected). Then you can have to submitted to whatever form you want. You will also need to put an if statement saying if [IP Address] has voted, Display [Results], else Display [Form]. Hope this helps to get you going in the right direction. You will need to do this in PHP/HTML and insert an HTML snippet.

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    Polls in iWeb
    Polls are easy to add using a free tool called JS-Kit and the HTML Snippet tool in iWeb.

    See the instructions here: Polls Using JS-Kit

    Hope that helps,


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    Question JS-Kit not working
    I have tried following your tips for inserting a poll on my iWeb site and nothing shows up. I even installed itweak. That didn't work either. Any other ideas? This seems to be the only solution I have found.

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