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    Need help on website
    I am a newcomer to this site and mac. I want to simply have a personal website with a ton of my audio recordings ( mp3).
    So I would have to start from scratch building the site.
    I considered yahoo but then they ended telling me that is for pc's.Then I considered getting someone to do it for me and it is quite expensive. So I have a g4 mac about 4 years old and I am obviously a novice when it comes to doing this. I would appreciate some help on the most reasonable way to go.

    I know I have to get a software called i web but the store is quite confusing. I don't mind spending a little in doing this so I can use some help.Thanks

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    iWeb comes with the iLife suite of applications.

    Which OS X version are you running? That may limit which applications you can run.

    There are alternatives such as Rapidweaver which you can get cheap right now with this bundle pack. Since this is the second time I've mentioned this deal here, I have to mention that I am not affiliated with it in any way.

    A couple of other web creation applications are Coda and .Sandvox

    You'll need to read some reviews to see which is best for you.

    As for a host, you can find free ones. The key to getting you stuff up to them is usually that they have to support FTP. I'm wondering if Yahoo does and if they do, then I can't see how they can say it is PC only. Perhaps they have some PC only software for creating the site.

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    Dec 13, 2007

    I am running 10.39 on my desktop. I will check it all out.

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    Something else to think about - if you're just making a personal website, there's nothing to stop you hosting it yourself.

    A mac with a broadband connection with fixed IP makes a great webserver. It's not particularly difficult to do either, OSX comes with everything you need included. You just edit the site directly.

    I have done it for years. You need to think through a few security implications, but unless you absolutely require 99.99% uptime, it's worth doing.

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    Dec 13, 2007
    Thanks. This is not my field and I am checking into doing it myself if possible.
    I am checking out sandvox as we speak. Someone had mentioned I believe. The templates there cost a little but some of them are really neat especially the flash ones.

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