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    Question comments on website
    im looking for a code or service that lets visitors comment or post suggestions, i would like a free service that can be included on my server side, but i dont want to have to link to some free services site. and since it will be on my server, it should not include ads. if anyone knows of such a app let me know.

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    I'm not sure how far you've got with your site already, maybe you could use something like pMachine free and integrate it into your site - this way you'd get it's comments features but also be able to easily implement the extra functions it provides such as calendars, user registration, etc...?
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    It's a pretty good site. No earth shatteringly new flash ideas or design, but it's a well put together flash site fo sho.

    I looked at yer portfolio and it only looks like you're going to get better the more you do it.

    So, good luck with more stuff in the future, certainly seems like you're on the right track man.

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    Have you ever tried CuteNews? It works like a charm! Pretty customizable if you know what you're doing too!

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    lasha ur sig link doesnt work

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