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Thread: Art Gallery Site designed in Iweb - need some advice

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    Art Gallery Site designed in Iweb - need some advice
    Hello, I've constructed a website in iWeb for my art gallery. As I'm just starting out, with a staff of one, I didn't have the luxury of having a site professionally designed. But I'm very happy with what I've been able to do so far, with my very limited knowledge. But there are a few things I'm having trouble doing on my own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The site's address is

    1) Pop-out windows for the artwork on the site. How do I do this? Basically, I'd like to allow people who visit the site to click on an image and have a separate window pop out with an enlarged image of the artwork they've clicked on. Possibly even with text, if that's an option. As each enlarged image would be a slightly different size, depending upon what I'd like to show, how do I customize this so I know exactly how big the image that pops out will be? I know enough so that I can link to other pages within my site, but linking to separate windows is proving to be outside of my ability. Eventually, I'd also like to link to reviews and articles that have been written about the gallery, and have them pop up in separate windows as well. But I've hit a wall.

    2) Search engine ranking: I've submitted my site to google, and I have a lot of other outside sites that have mentioned the gallery, so I thought I'd be ranked pretty high, but in fact a search under my name in google doesn't bring up the gallery site at all, which is strange, since it does yield five other pages full of sites mentioning the gallery. If I get very specific and type in the full gallery name, it does come up. But a lot of people would just search me under my name, so I'd like to get the gallery site somehow to come up sooner in the search results (I've looked through 8 pages of results, just for my name alone, and the gallery is nowhere to be found).

    3) Statistics: Is there any easy way to keep stats on how many people have visited my site, and where they were coming from to get there?

    4) Font variations: Especially on the homepage, with my logo, I've noticed slight variations when I've posted the site that didn't show up in Iweb when I was creating it. Specifically the width of the letter "a" seems to vary, even though I've used only one font throughout (Bagdad). Is there any way to correct this?

    Thank you, and I apologize in advance if some of the answers to my questions seem overly obvious. I'm doing this with little to no technical or web design proficiency.


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    David, if you ever get a "change the font" related answer... call me, I am having a similar issue. -Steve Bigler

    (oh.. I am the photographer Steve Bigler... we should talk...)

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    If you're familiar with html you could use this thing called lightbox for the pop up images. It uses javascript to show the image and darken the background, it is really nice and pretty easy to implement. Even if you arent too familiar with html.

    As far as the font issue goes, I don't have any help to give.

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