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design2 08-24-2004 05:23 PM

using dreamweaver to point to Database
hi guys,

My problem is this;
I have setup a database with an example table in phpmyadmin with my host and would like to begin creating dynamic pages in dreamweaver.
So i have setup all my ftp details which work fine,
and setup my testing server as the same as my ftp details
and when i make my MySQL connection
I use the address to connect to the database server remotely (told to me by my host) and also i needed to grant access rights so be allowed to access the server from any computer, which i've done.

But when i try to Define my database in dreamweaver it starts to setup but then gives me an unidentified error ("thanks dreamweaver") and says something about my testing server.

Listen i've tried a few things, please explain to me what im setting up or what i could be doing wrong, or where to find out cos my host is no hope.


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