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Thread: Web Stats?

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    Dec 02, 2007
    Web Stats?
    Is there another alternative to the Cpanel web stats? They are pretty weak and would like more in depth stats, specifically to see how much data is transfered from each file, how many times it has been downloaded, and how many times it has been accessed.

    Thank you.

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    If you've taken a look at AWStats and that's not satisfactory, try Google Analytics:

    I've found they have more stats than I actually need.

    Currently I'm using Mint which has a sexy interface and most importantly 3rd party plugins:
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    Dec 02, 2007
    Oh nice thank you for those links I'll check them out.

    One of the main things i'm looking for that awstats somewhat provides is how much is downloaded of each file. Awstats says the average bandwith of each file but I would like to see the complete file bandwith.

    say I have with 4 videos.

    I'd like to see how much bandwith is downloaded from each of those videos.

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