I have asked the support guys at dream host, and they pointed me here. I tried this, but I get confused. When I use cyberduck and log into an ssh session, I default to a /home/.suzan/my_username/ and it lists the folders there (such as my folder that my site is in, and the folder I want to share). I open a terminal and start an ssh to my server and follow the directions on the page support gave me. The group name is hollimat and I replace /home/user/directory with what I default to so that she can get into that folder. This doesn't seem to work... i use putty in windows to try and access that folder it seems to let me cd into the folder, put I type "ls" to get the list of stuff in there, and it tells me that permission is denied. I have checked the dreamhost panel, we are both part of the hollimat group. What do I need to do so that we can share files via this server of mine??

Thanks in advance!