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    images in e-mail, not as attachments or e-zines
    Hello, all-

    This may a real simple question, and I hope I'm in the right forum:

    How do I send images in the body of an e-mail, but not as attachments nor as part of an e-zine?

    I am promoting my new-ish cartoonist/illustrator website and would like to update clients with e-mails that include recent jobs (artwork). Since this is for business, I don't want to send attachments. I'd like to keep this simple, (not alot of text) so not really looking to create an e-zine either.

    I used iWeb to design the site, pushed it beyond what it's supposed to do, so updating one page or creating a "latest news" page, then relaunching the site is a major pain in the coconuts. Until I migrate to another program, I'd like to keep in touch with clients (and potential clients) via warm and fuzzy e-mails.

    How do I get the message out to them, with pictures, without attachments?

    Thanks, all,

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    Ok upload the images to your own web space and reference them direct from the body of your HTML email message

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    what Del said.

    put more simply, go to an image hosting site like, like photobucket (there are others but that's the one i use) and then drag and drop the image into the body of the message—depending on what you're using to compose your email, this will work differently each time. everytime i try to do this in safari with gmail it doesn't work, and i know it's not gmail... firefox it works. and apple mail it works.

    you can also right click (control click) on the image, Copy image, and Paste it into the body of your message.

    depending on the server you use to host your website, you could even upload the image there. check that first, and then only if that doesn't work use an image hosting site.

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