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Thread: CGI Proxy??

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    Nov 28, 2007
    CGI Proxy??
    Well..finding different proxies are easy. But our company uses smartfilter to block them out. I can't even surf to "Bruce Springsteen" since it contains the word "teen" or even the catholic church since it is considered "Religious views" by the Smart Filter. That I think is taking it TOO far...
    So I decided to set up my own! =)

    I need your help though.. I assume that any of you have done it and since I am pretty new on Mac and the OS X environment I have little clue on what to do.

    This is basically what I need to do:

    - get the built-in Web server running
    - install SSL certificates for the Web server (they can be unsigned or
    self-signed certs, those are free)
    - get cgiproxy from and install it as a CGI script

    Anyone that can help a novice (play by play level) that has absolutely no clue on where to begin..

    Thanks in advance and cheers!


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    Nov 28, 2007
    Come on folks..
    159 views and nobody knows?
    I'm beeeeeggin you.. =)


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