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Thread: Cookies and PHP

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    Cookies and PHP
    Hi there,

    My first post here

    I'm helping out a friend with their web site. Normally I refer all the difficult brain teasers to my trusty geeks, but this time, none of them speak Mac....

    So my question:
    Is there someone here that can help with a cookie handling problem with a php/MySQL application?

    We're having problems with a user who is sometimes remembered, and sometimes she receives a blank screen. This is even after looking up Mac os 9 and ie5 compatitbility issues, but we're guessing that we're missing something.

    Any help MOST welcome, as we'd like the site to not descriminate against Mac os 9 users.

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    Usually it has to do with the date in the cookie, look up the type of date the cookies are supposed to use. Actually do it this way

    $one_year = time() + 60*60*24*365;
    setcookie('oatmeal', 'yum', $one_year, '/', '', 0);

    That should do it for you...

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