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    Moonfruit Hosting Question

    I know this is nothing to do with Mac technical but I need help...

    I am planning to build a website. On Moonfruit i can build a flash website for 2.99 per month. According to I can get a domain name for 2.99 per year.

    Is this all i need or do I need anything else?

    Does the domain name come with adverts etc? are there are catches or is it just a name that can be redirected to moonfruit?

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    you would have to look at the terms to see what the 2.99 entails. is it URL cloaking? URL redirection? is it just the URL you're paying for or do you have server space? and depending on what kind of website you want to make, what is available? like, i dunno, i was researching years ago when i wanted to get a domain and some sites offer cgi and some don't... this was a while back, i don't even know how that's handled anymore, i'm a little outdated with web stuff.

    you'll also need something to make your website, whether you code from scratch (a text editor) or you need a page builder, make sure you know how you're making it.

    other than that, i don't think you need anything else. a fairly computer illiterate friend of mine had a dot com so i don't think it's all that crazy. just make sure you know what you're paying for (in terms of URL or server space etc. and if you get mail accounts, etc.)

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