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Thread: Flash and SEO?

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    Flash and SEO?
    My company has asked me to produce a flash front page for their website, as the current page they have is extremely dated and extremely useless.

    I currently have this :

    My question is, how do I keep the site on Google etc? It is my understanding that Google has the power to indes flash sites, but im assuming its better at reading HTML.

    Is it feasible to just have all the links situated at the bottom of the page, invisible to the user? That way Google will read them and they wont intrude on my Flash site?


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    do not do invisible text. You are Actually more likely to get docked poi ts fro
    google for that. I have always just done a footer with the ok I'd I. HTML and hhen inbed the flash movie. Not as pretty but it gets the job done. Hopefully someone with more flash experience can help

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    I'd stay away from flash if you are concerned with SEO. If you don't have a lot of external links pointing to the site, you are dependent upon the content that search engines can read.

    For my clients I use instead of flash. Javascript powered animations have all the text and images that google can index.

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    Create an HTML version of the site and have the index auto-detect for Flash. If Flash is enabled, have it redirect to the proper version.

    Remember, use up-to-date SEO practices with your HTML version of the site.

    Don't get discouraged by the "talk on the street". There are ways to work around this issue.

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