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    Problem with loading small images
    I managed to create my own site(just images I made) want it to keep it as simple as possible.

    My host is a free one and didn't expect much of it(the overall loading is fine). Still I don't understand why it takes so long to see the mouse-over images (once you mouse-over over the menu).
    The images are just 5-7 kb in size so why the lag?

    I used the Image Rollover function in Dreamweaver.
    Am I doing something wrong in the script?

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    hey nice work, very cool.
    it seems to be changing upon mouse over instantly for me, maybe it's your computer that's lagging?

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    It seems to work fine for me but started to lag when I repeatedly moused on/off the images.

    I'm not sure how confident you are with CSS, but one option may be using the a:hover attribute. In general this seems to be less laggy than Javascript options.

    That being said it looks like everything was done correctly. The images are pre-loaded and the Javascript seems to be correct.
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    Dreamweaver write bloated code. You're better off with your own javascript, or using a simple 'onmouseover' event on the image (and preload the hover images elsewhere). It's a little more hand-work but the results are worth it.
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