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    Hi - can anyone help me with this? I have a website created on iweb which I basically use for keeping family and friends updated with photos, blog etc. I have always hosted my website with my own isp provider as they have 50mb of free webspace. Due to my site becoming gradually bigger I have just changed to use another company for my web hosting and paid for 1gb of webspace. I use Transmit to upload my site and it has always been quite quick (about 15 mins) to upload the whole site and even quicker when just synchronising the files after adding new blog etc. Now when I upload my site via Transmit to my new webspace it takes over 2 hours! Also, when I just want to update the files it no longer just updates the most recently changed files but seems to upload the whole site again taking ages!

    Is it normal that it is quicker to upload a site to your own isp provider?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you uploading with iWeb? If so, don't. Use iWeb to Export to Folder... then get another FTP client (search the forum for recommendations. there's many to choose from). You should then be able to upload directly to your website, and just new or updated files, like a normal person. The slow upload could be a slow server at new ISP provider, but probably not.

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    Hi - no I'm not uploading with iweb, I'm publishing files to a folder then using an FTP client to upload. Has always been quick but very slow with my new webspace host. Is it maybe that they are "remote" and not the same as my ISP provider as before?

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    yes that is probably it. its like uploading to stage6 the video site takes two to four hours depending on size of video

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