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    passwords and usernames
    i have a website which will have a 'client access' button on it.
    I would like to set up a simple password and username access when they click on the button.

    a problem i will have would be that i need different clients to go to different web pages, eg: bob enters his username and password and goes to bobs specific page and download his stuff, and jane enters her username and password and goes to janes specific web page and download her stuff.

    is there a script or program i can use/buy that would help me set this up? Client list would be about 50 people.

    Website created in DW2004 with flash bits
    on a Mac G5

    cheers for any response

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    If you know PHP/ASP/JSP/Servlets you could easily develop this yourself. Keep all usernames and encrypted passwords in a database table.

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    nope dont know any of those

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