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scorpionbilli 11-05-2007 04:54 AM

Please help me enable PHP on my Tiger!
Hi people, Im new to this forum and I am here because Im stuck and need help!!

I am programming novice, but Ive got an idea for a website, so Ive bought a book to help me learn to execute my website idea.

Im trying to enable PHP on my Mac Tiger but I dont know how to get it going. Im using a book called Learning PHP and MySQL, by Michele E. Davis and Jon A. Phillips (O'Reilly) to do this. I want to uncomment 2 lines of code using the search and replace code that Ive been given in the book. The last bit of the code to type into Terminal is <escape>:wq. After that Im trying to navigate to the URL http://localhost/~bilalbham/test.php (at least I think that is my username! Ive tried to check it using the book but Im unsure, can anyone help?) but I get a 404 Not Found page. How do I overcome this problem please? Ive not saved what Ive done on the Terminal page, its just there in the background and Ive also enabled and restarted the Personal Web Sharing (Apache).

Your help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you,


Del 11-05-2007 06:16 AM

Download and install MAMP - it will setup PHP, Apache and MySQL for you

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