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    Help incorporating flash elements
    Okay all you web-savy guys/gals out there. I need a little bit of help with website. I'm doing a class project which is to make a personal website and incorporate at least two flash elements, one has to be interactive, and the other can just be some sort of effect. I decided I would do a custom mouse cursor in Flash and I got it to work fine when I tested the movie out in flash.

    Now how do I get this to work in the site I'm designing in Dreamweaver? I have tried going to Insert>Media>Flash and choosing the flash file, but that doesn't work. Do I have to publish the file as a movie with certain specifications to work in Dreamweaver?

    Help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Publish the flash file, then ftp the flash file to the server, and edit your webpage to embed the flash file - many examples on the web.

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    Thanks Del, I figured it out!

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