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Thread: Sending form results in iWeb

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    Sending form results in iWeb
    I've created a form and placed it on one of my web pages using the HTML snippet option in iWeb. When someone completes and submits the form I'd like to send the results to a file, preferably a file in my iDisk. Does anyone know what code to include in the snippet to accomplish this? I've been told that this method would be the most reliable way of obtaining those results.

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    The form should specify whether it is using the GET or the POST request of the HTTP protocol, either way the values of the form fields will get passed to whatever script/page is being called by the form when the user clicks the submit button.


    Given that the values are being passed to another script, that other script must extract the values and write them to a file. The script can be written as a servlet or a php script or whatever.

    We need to know the answer to this before we can answer further.

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