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Thread: PHP+MySQL Help.

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    Question PHP+MySQL Help.
    hi Guys,

    i am doing a web project at the moment and my client wants to be able to have a login whereby as admin he can change some of the pages (maybe one or two). Now i learnt how to do this quickly using PHP and MySQL databases but i've forgot close to all. I am using Dreamweaver MX (not 2004) and by the way whats that common GUI for MySQL that most hosting packages allow? well i used that to create the databases. My question, lol was if any of you guys knew a tutorial on the internet with my specifications - a short and easy to understand tutorial ?

    oh and one more thing the site 'layout' is at
    please give me feedback on images/ rollovers/ placement/ color
    and LOGO the client gave me the stinkin logo , what can i do? you shoulda seen the colors it came with..eww


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    Some places to start...

    First 4 pages deal with installation; jump to pg 5.

    Those are just some places to start.

    phpmyadmin is most likely what you were thinking of for mysql admin. As for how-tos, search on passing a simple query to a database and printing the returned data. From there, it's just a matter of modifying the query to your needs and properly handling the returned data. Examples of queries are readily available with some google searching. I would post some php samples but I haven't gotten all my stuff off of my PC yet.

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    I just grabbed one of my scripts from my PC. Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send it your way. It has just about everything you should need to do what you need.


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    phpmyadmin thats it. ok i will PM ya.

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