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Thread: starting new mac business?

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    starting new mac business?
    I uploaded a picture of my newest mac desktop yesterday onto my DeviantArt. Someone told me they loved it and wanted to know if it was for sale. I sald no. They offered to pay me $25.00 via PayPal for it. I don't have a paypal account or nothing so I was like no. Then I thought if making a business out of it. I have screen capture, I can download that multiple desktop program so I don't have to screw up mine. How much would you people pay for a custom Mac OS X desktop? $25 seems too much to me. How would I put the downloadable files onto the site or would I e-mail the customers the files or would the files be too big to send via thunderbird? Advice?
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    I built a stock art website that stores displays watermarked images. When you buy, the site creates a zip of all the images in your cart, and downloads it to your computer. Completely automated. Not free.

    If you want to sell that at a low price, you should use small watermarked images on the site. Then when they buy, email them desktop sized images.
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    yea giulio has the right idea about the watermark. People on Ebay do it in there store if they take there own pictures. I dont understand the reason if it is just ebay, but in your case it makes sense.
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    What software would you recommend for easy watermarking of pictures?
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    I use server tools... the client uploads their image and my programs does the rest for them. For example:
    Click any thumbnail to see the watermarked preview.

    But for yourself, you can use photoshop, and write a batch script.... which would open your full size photos, resize them into previews, watermark them, and save them out as jpgs.

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    There's a program called Downsize that can do a number of things to your pics en masse if you like, including watermarking.
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    Link to your deviantart?

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