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    Talking Can someone please test my Flash animation?

    Can someone please test my Flash animation? I'm actually a Windows user and have tested it on Windows XP, Vista and 2000 with IE and Firefox (both with Flash player) of all different versions and haven't had any problems.

    The animation is at

    My friend who runs Mac OS X says that she gets the following problem after she closes an artwork which she has brought up (by clicking one of the thumbnails):

    As you can see, the scrolling thumbnail movieclip disappears from the animation completely. Unfortunately I can't replicate this myself!

    I would greatly appreciate it if some Mac users here could test this out and tell me if they have the same problem. Additionally, if anyone knows why this happens, please tell me!

    Thanks in advance

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    It works fine for me in both Safari 3.0.3 (Beta) and Firefox browsers.

    Your friend probably needs to make sure he has the latest updates for Flash Player in his browser.
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    Have experimented with multiple browsers.

    Of the ones I tried:

    Opera 9.21 & 9.24, Safari 2.0.4, and Sunrise 1.4.6 all work as they should.

    Only Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers, Camino 1.5.2 and BonEcho, have this issue. The scrolling animation appears in each of them fine. After you make one of the selections and then go back to the main screen the scrolling on the bottom no longer shows up. I did have it work on a couple of occasions after the first time to go back to the main screen, but never beyond the 2nd.

    Can't help as to why, but would think it is narrowed down to a problem with only Mozilla.
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    Works fine for me in safari. Nice job.

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    Safari Beta, works good !!!

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    Safari (beta), Firefox and Opera: 404 -error message

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