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Thread: web host providers - what do I look for/ need to know stuff (or any recommendations)

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    web host providers - what do I look for/ need to know stuff (or any recommendations)
    I am looking to switch my internet provider. I have been paying $5/mo for 150MB of space and now I see many companies like Hostmonster offering $5/mo for 300GB. There seems to be quite a few companies that are offering less space for much more. There is somewhat of a gap and there must be a reason. I have looked through reviews and have found many people claiming false reviews or sabatoge reviews and such.
    In researching things on my own, what should I be looking for. I have heard the biggest problem with sites like hostmonster is that they oversell their space and often things get clogged, shuts down, or it is very very slow.
    My site is primarily for about 200MB of photo's as a sort of personal stock library....and everyone hates to wait for a photo to load so I need something that is reliable.
    Currently, I hate having to squish so many of my photo's into a little tiny space of 150MB...but I am also happy with their service (uplinkearth). It is just a lot more expensive than everyone else...can't afford it.
    What would you recommend?

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    Most web hosts out there are resellers. Companies like 1and1, GoDaddy, and JodoHost --- actually house their own servers in Texas, Kansas, Florida, and New York.

    I would recommend JodoHost. They are awesome and their support is top notch. I left 1and1 because I was tired of waiting a week for support and my sites were down several times a week due to faulty hardware or attacks on the servers. 1and1's servers are located in Kansas and New York and another state on the eastern coast.

    I switched to a VPS with JodoHost in July and have had no problems at all.

    Their site is

    I would also recommend Their plans start at $4.98 a month and you get tons of FREE stuff with hosting plans. I think they have photo gallery options.
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