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Thread: Quick Question about HTML editing

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    Quick Question about HTML editing
    I have a friend i'm helping edit his web site, and I want to open individual pages (friendpage.html), and alter the code. The issue is, when I open that file with either Text Edit, Word, or RapidWeaver, it opens the web page and displays it... when I want to look at the code.

    Can you tell me how to do this?

    Thanks for all the recent help I've gotten here at this site.

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    Sounds like your editor(s) are stuck in DESIGN view. You need to tell them to use CODE view.

    TextWrangler is a great free code editor. It will never render the web page.

    I prefer Coda though.

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    You need to open it in a program that will ignore the formatting.
    I prefer SubEthaEdit, but smultron is a free alternative:

    There are a bunch of others out there too...

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