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    Help with mini mac
    Hey people. I'm from the mainframe word. I work on a iSeries IBM (AS/400) used to be a S/38. S/36 is not my life. Dang those S/38s were good machines! Loved them. Also worked on Unisys A10, Hp3000 and Perkin-Elmer. Cobol and RPG! BUT, I've got to modernize. OK, that's my history.

    Now, I'm designing a website for my employer. I'm using a template that I must use. That limits me. I'm using Dreamweaver at home and at work on XP machines. (xp pro works great, xp home? why did microsoft bother?)

    I've been using my mini mac to capture the websites I need to recreate. I copy the pages, then burn then to cd, then put the cd in my xp box and it works. (the xp machine is not connected to the internet, the mini mac is.)

    My problems today are:

    my mini mac is displaying red. I don't know what to do! I didn't change anything! I think (lol)

    And there is a cd stuck in the drive and I can't get it out.

    I cannot function in this environment. Can y'all help? Thanks, Jim.

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    OOPS! I shouldn't have said HELP. Sorry.

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    Oops again
    I meant the mainframe WORLD, not WORD. Thanks.

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