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    Best FTP or Media sharing site?
    I'm a graphic designer at a large nonprofit and we have a constent need to send large files to our press vendors as well as a need to archive and allow shared access to our huge library of photos. Any advice on sites that will accomodate both?

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    I might suggest an alternate. Why not use your Mac, or even a low cost PC, as an externally visible FTP server? If need be, add an extra hard drive for more space, but that should be all you need. The server software can run seamlessly on your Mac while you continue to use it for its normal duties.

    I would recommend Pure-FTPd as the server software. It is open source freeware, and I have used it successfully for this very purpose for years. You can read an excellent article on it, complete with download links, at:

    If you don't want to use your Mac for this purpose, a low cost PC with a big hard drive would do just as well. In that case, I would recommend Linux. Pure-FTPd is available for Linux as well, and is bundled in almost every major Linux distro.

    In general, why not provide the service yourself, using hardware you already have, vs. paying for it, month over month, to some service provider? Pure-FTPd has proven to be quite secure, so particularly with the Mac/Linux approach to it, you should not have any real network security issues.

    That would be my recommendation - not only my proverbial two cents, but it may save you two cents (a lot more actually) as well!
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    To send the pictures to your vendors you can upload them to in a .zip and e-Mail them the address so they can download them.

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    Try checking out too.

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