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    getting my page online [n00b]
    i have built a website in dreamweaver and it got to big for my free space on my ISP. my uncle bought a url and he said i could have it. i need help from here. how much would it cost to use this url and can i serve up the page from my computer using apache. i dont need very much space. mabey 50 mb. thanks in advance.

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    I suggest you go for a cheap host instead of trying to use your own computer. It'll save the hassles associated with DNS records etc... It would only be a few dollars a month. Your host will give you nameserver addresses which you would then enter into a domain control panel (which your uncle will have an address for). Once you've got a host, you would generally use an FTP program (I think Dreamweaver has one built in) to upload your files and you'd be away. If you can't find a good cheap host give me a PM and I'll see what I can find for you.
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    thanks alot

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