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    Publishing from iWeb.. I need an FTP Client
    Part of iLife 08 is iWeb, now I know for a fact that this was designed to be used with .Mac services, but for my own personal purposes I really dont need 10 GB of Storage, I use to host photos that provide me with links and a flash slideshow on my site.

    So, because of this my ISP provides 10 mb of space which presently is sufficient. I've been told that iWeb doesn't include any FTP Clients, but does anyone have any suggestions?

    I might just give up and use .Mac but I'm also curious what type of URL a person's website would be listed as.
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    A great free FTP client is CyberDuck... it's what I use.

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    Fetch has worked perfectly for me but you have to have a license. There is an ftp client built right into macs. In finder if you click on Go -> connect to server you can then type in your ftp servers address and it will then prompt you for your user name and password.

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