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rebz 07-11-2004 07:59 PM

default resolution to design?
i know with older computers the default resolution to design for was 800x600, but has that changed, and is there some place on the internet that decides the precidents for designing standards?

I'm designing quite a few sites at the moment, and the main question that I am asking myself is whether or not to take the jump to 1024x768 resolution, or a 800x600 one.

i could have it scale as well, but my question remains. thanks in advance.

muso 07-11-2004 11:03 PM

My advice would be to stay with 800x600, unless absolutely necessary. Yes, most (if not all) computers come with screens capable of 1024x768, but I've found that a lot of people prefer 800x600 because of bad eyesight or just because that's what they're used to, and won't change to 1024x768 even when given the option.

Strider 07-11-2004 11:46 PM

I also suggest u stick to 800 X 600. It's the safest option.

TylerMoney 07-12-2004 01:33 AM

Definitley stay with 800x600 in general. Unless you can be sure your "adience" will be able to work at higher resolutions. If your going to be showing specifically to more technollogy advance companies/ can get away with higher resolution...but I'd stick with 800x600 in general.

Mookamoo 07-12-2004 09:10 AM

I have just done my first site for 1024x728 and the new space was so refreshing. It is for a design company, so we figured they could get away with being a little un-conventional. If you can argue that the extra space is needed, then go for the larger size.

However, most people I know tend to stick to 800x600 for now. That really only leaves 700x420 pixels of useable space once you have taken into account all the rubbish on the screen.

iSheep 07-14-2004 10:04 AM

Remember also, many people don't run their browser at full screen. I don't, I keep little things round mine. Keep it 770 width and you'll be fine.

Murlyn 07-14-2004 12:57 PM

I also design for 700, when I do design :)

pitythefool 08-12-2004 10:09 AM

Yeah, I'd always design a site that would fit into 800x600 for the simple fact that it means most people (1024x768 users) can still view the site, in full, without having to maximise their browsers.

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