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    Need - OS X text editor with tabbed windows
    OK. Using a mixture of Smultron and Text Edit right now.

    Is there a program that is text based html editor that lets you have tabbed windows for multiple files and lets you setup projects, so you can enter the information as it should be displayed for links and images and such so when you upload it, you don't have to edit it?

    Right now, with the combo I'm using, if I want to point a link to a page or images, I have to use the whole path name in the HTML document, like /Users/Will/Documents/1080 FCS/images/sidebar/home.jpg

    I'm wanting something that does a project file so I can enter /images/sidebar, etc... like would appear on the web version of the document.
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    the best HTML editor in my opinion is TextMate, or you could try something like coda - which is a nice enviroment in which to work - but not as good an editor as textmate.

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