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    Dreamweaver 8 problem
    Hi all,

    Great site! Thanx to all! I have a problem with Dreamweaver 8 if I want to open an exististing .html site and I want to edit the site. Dreamweaver's showing me an "index.html locked file and can be viewed but not changed"

    Please help


    P.s. When I edit the page ,I get an error "macintosh access is required" when i try saving.

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    I am a Linux user, but will be a mac user in 2 days.

    You need to be in "root" to save the file. I have never come across this problem before.

    I would contact Adobe, I don't think you can go into root with the Mac.

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    right click on the html file in finder and click on get info and under ownership and permissions make sure it says you can read & write. other than that, i can't help you.

    and mac's don't give you access to root privileges but you can access them if necessary, which it shouldn't be to edit an .html file.

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    The file may also be "locked". Do the same right-click get info thing and somewhere in the middle there will be a check box "Locked". Make sure it is unchecked

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    Aug 25, 2007
    Thanx guys now is done right click and ownership and permision was only read

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