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Thread: Websites - its that time again!

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    Websites - its that time again!
    Alright folks, long time no talk.

    Hope everything around here has been good.

    I'm currently looking for some web design work, if anyone is interested in an awesome flash site... let me know and I'll hook you up for a great price.

    You can take a look a my portfolio here,

    Contact me through my contact form on my site and let me know you saw this ad on Mac-forums and I'll give you an extra 10% off.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Woah, your sites look awesome, shame there are no links to the actual sites, so I can judge the transitions etc. But from the images, they look great !

    I am a web designer in training, so it wouldnt make sense for me to request your services, but I would like to know if you always use flash for clients websites, if so, why?

    Oh, and where did you learn a

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    Most of them are live, the others I have to put up. Thanks for the nice comments, much appreciated.

    I dont always use flash, (my site is HTML) but for the most part, I do use it. I use it a lot because no matter what browser or platform, it will look the same. Plus I'm not as good at HTML, css, etc as I am at flash.

    I learned everything I know purely from teaching myself.

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    I've always heard a full flash website isn't good because search engines can't crawl the data.

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    That's true, but if you incorporate flash instead of a full flash site it will work much better. BUT, if you still want a full flash site, when you embed the flash file into an HTML page, you can add meta tags to help search engines out.

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