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    Cool You know you want to read this
    i have been learning html and have built a site on my url's free space. i never ment it to be big so i just put everything in one folder. ( stupidly :confused: ) now i hav a lot of stuff and i want to organize it. do i have to go through and change every single tag or can i do it with dreamweaver. pleaze help.

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    If your tags can be separated into similar types (eg img, a) and each type has exactly the same formatting (eg all are <img src="url.jpg">) you can use a find/replace tool in something like textedit or BBEdit to change everything. BBEdit will do multiple-file searches.
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    so there is no way to de it with dreamweaver graphically

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    Technically, you could highlight the link in the design mode of dreamweaver, and then point the link to a new location, but sorry to tell you, ya, you probably have go through and change every tag.

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    If, in Dreamweaver, all of the links, for example, are written <img src="....">, and the links are written <a href="..."> then you can use the find/replace with the 'entire site' option, rather than just the 'this page' option.


    FIND: <img src="
    REPLACE WITH: <img src="/assets/images/

    and similarly for all the links.

    There is also a 'find/replace in selected sites' option, so say, for example, you had multiple 'gallery' pages, where the images for each page are in different galleries, you could just change the path to the images for selected pages. (Does that make sense?).

    Sorry, I haven't got Dreamweaver running here at work, so I'm not sure on the exact phrasing/location of these options, but I know it does it - I had to do it once!

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