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    I've created 2 web sites with iweb 08 that I havent published yet. One of them is a family site with general pictures and information and the other is an updated version of my current business site. Now at the minute I have my business site hosted by my ISP. I created this site nearly 2 years ago way before I had a mac. Now i'm thinking that now you can get your own domain name hosted on .mac with iweb 08 I will published my new business site using iweb 08 and .mac to own domain. If I do this will my family site also be published to this domain or will it get the default .mac site address ""?

    What I want is to just have my 2 sites published. My family one to the defualt .mac adress as mentioned above and my business one also to .mac but forwarded to my domain. Is this possible. In the future I may want to create more sites but I only want my new iweb designed business site to be hosted and forwarded to my domain.

    Hope this all makes sense?


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    You're really not publishing to a domain for either of these sites. All Apple's really doing is allowing your personal domain to point to your .mac account.

    It points to the root site of your account, so if you have multiple sites, make sure the business one is the root site. The domain will then forward to that site.

    Technically, you could use the domain to point to the other site, too (by including the site name in the URL ( site) but you can also just continue getting to it (and either one, actually) using the address as you've been doing.

    So, yes. You can accomplish what you want pretty much.
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