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Thread: kind of an unfair pricing with .mac?

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    kind of an unfair pricing with .mac?
    Hm.. I might be missing something and I am not even sure, if this is the right location for that thread, but in the last days I was reading a bit more about .mac. I find it very interesting and I really like the concept. Got my trial version a few days ago and since then I am playing around with it.

    Now, I was just thinking, I should really get this and checked the price which is 99$ US for a annual single membership. I am living in Canada so I went to and checked the price there: 139$ CAD. Felt like a lot, so I put the US price into a currency converter which worked out to a bit less than 105$ CAD.

    I can see, that it's hard to update prices to the current rates (although, some automated service should be possible), but almost 35$ difference is a lot. Right now I don't think I am going to get it. 139$ is not a whole lot of money, but I think it's a rip off compared to the american funds.

    Any suggestions?

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    If there is a feedback method to Apple, let them know why you are not buying in. That price seems like it belongs back in 2003.

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    Its the same with UK. It costs $136 (£69) If you buy it in the UK but only costs $99 in the US

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    There's another thread exactly on the same subject in the Anything Goes forum. It's like Apple isn't respecting the exchange rate: they had the same pricing 4 or 5 years ago when the exchange rate was wayyyyyyy higher.

    Like xstep says, find a feedback email link and let them know what you think. There is (or was) one on the .Mac webpage.

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    Yah, I was trying to find a feedbacklink for about 10min. After going in circles on their website for a few times I decided to post it here...

    Anyway, thx for your feedback guys.

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    Hi there,

    I currently live in Canada and I don't agree with the exchange rate either. I actually just finished completing my .mac account and would love to renew it. However, $139 Cdn versus $99 US isn't right and unfair for the same service.

    Anyways here is where you can leave feedback / complaint about the unfair .mac pricing between Cdn and US dollars.

    Maybe if enough of us (Canadians) complain, they may consider changing their prices. If they charge $1.00 US and $1.00 Cdn for itune songs, i'm sure something can be worked out.

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