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    Angry CSS Positioning Issues with Site Redesign
    I'm in the process of completely redesigning my site to use pure CSS and validate as XHTML. I'm pretty close to being finished with this template page but I'm having problems with my navigation being positioned properly.

    Here's a link to a test page I'm working on.

    The navigation should line up along the bottom of the banner graphic with enough room to show a white bar under the text on mouse-over. This seems to be closely positioned in Safari but doesn't show the mouse-over state. On the other hand, the mouse-over seems to work in IE (on Mac) but is positioned completely wrong.

    My co-worker and I have tried several things - some of which worked in one browser but not another, and some of which did absolutely nothing. I'd like to hear back from any CSS/Web gurus out there. It's greatly appreciated!

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    Nice site! Works in mozilla.

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    I finally got it to work. Should work on all browsers and all platforms. All CSS. No tables.

    Final design layout

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