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    Lightbulb Ok, So I Built My First Website! Q'???
    I very recently taught myself how to build my first website. I am very new at it but I built an affiliate webpage that is selling decently. I have a few questions though about webpages that I can't seem to figure out myself.

    The web Design software I am Using is NVU
    I prefer to screw with the HTML code as to get to know it better further

    I notice when I move stuff around in WYSIWYG NVU it starts adding alot of extra characters in my HTML Code. When I View MY Source on my webpage I also see alot of unknown things. I am way past the part of starting a webpage with just <HTML>. I have been on for a about 3 days now just learning everything I can. I havent made it very far past standard HTML.


    After I learn HTML a little better, I am definitely gonna move up to Dream Weaver or ?

    Do you know a good reference for building websites (on a mac) besides

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    can i suggest learning css or mscss ( i think its called ).

    because i think its more universal.

    OF COURSE also learn HTML because its useful and can relate to other codes (i think).

    I have to warn you i am not a coder but i know the extreme basics. good luck with your learning.

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    CSS and HTML are completely different purposes and you can't just use CSS to build a page.

    HTML is the page framework. CSS describes how a page looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    CSS and HTML are completely different purposes and you can't just use CSS to build a page.

    HTML is the page framework. CSS describes how a page looks.
    Being an unprofessional, but active webmaster, i agree with this. I have built many websites, including and

    I don't know javascript. I do, however know HTML, and I can edit css (but not write)

    I want to learn php. Actually, if anyone has any guides, on php, please let me know.
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    I design all my sites using CSS with nearly no HTML. In fact the only thing I use HTML for (or xHTML) is the odd bit of text styling - like bold and italics.

    A great resource for PHP learning is a book by some guys, I think in Oz, called Learning PHP & mySQL. I bought that in 2002 the first copy and it was awesome! I think it is - just look for the ads, they usually have a few.

    I use Drupal alot and recommend it to newbies or experienced people. Built this one using drupal Or Wordpress is another great off the shelf web tool (.org not .com). These are great tools to save you time building from scratch yet letting you tweek alot of things if you want.

    I use the new CS3 dreamweaver but you can do great things with NVU and other freebies out there.

    Javascript is complex so don't hurry there until you have worked through HTML and CSS basics. Ajax in particular is a good example of Javascript used well but it's a bit to complex for me...

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