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    Question iWeb Website Design on Multiple Computers
    I just purchased iWeb 08' and have two MACS (one at home and one in the office). Is there a way that I could work on the same website on two computers? iWeb does not make a single document to open to work on. It seems it makes a folder with all of the attachments, JPEGs and other media but there is not a iWeb file to move to another computer to work on the design.

    In the end it would be great to have the website design on my iDisk and access it to work on from both home and work.

    Is this possible?

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    Hi try to save the iWeb file to a folder it will save in the folder a folder named with the name of your website a plist and a index.HTML copy this folder open iWeb on the other mac and select open and choose the plist I think this is correct I've never tried it though

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