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nicholast7 08-08-2007 07:39 AM

Additional items on iWeb made page..
I have been working on my own web page using iWeb but im not going to publish it with .mac. The main focus of that site is my personal blog, in which i want to insert in widgets like comments after each entry, page hit counter, or even maybe a chatter box.

But i ve heard that I wont be able to add in all those if im building my blog with iWeb & publishing it with non .mac host.

So all I wanna know is this, if i still want all those things added, is it just as simple as finding the HTML code for each items & edit the iWeb webpage with it?..

thanks guys. =D

MACyMouse 08-17-2007 06:19 PM

There's a place where you can insert HTML code... I tried this too with iWeb although it didn't show up on my page after it was uploaded. Unfortunately I'm not on my mac at the moment so I can't tell you where I found that but if no one else replies.. I'll check on it when I get home. (couple hours).

Hope someone else can answer this too.... because my code wouldn't show up.

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