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    I need a contact form on my website, that will send to my email address what the visitor enter in the form fields. The problem is that I can't run any php scripts.. is there a way to use some html form?

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    You can use CGI in place of PHP.

    Search google for CGI contact form scripts.
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    Thank you for your suggestions! I found a site that offers remotely hosted contact forms, . Basically, I paste the html code in my website, and it calls the php script on their server who sends the email.

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    Look just use JavaScript ie
    <input type="text">
    <input type="submit" onsubmit="">

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    Better yet... go to Wufoo (Wufoo - HTML Form Builder - Free Contact Forms & Online Surveys) and they have an online form builder that you can use to make up to three forms, each with up to 10 fields, and then you can embed the code into your page. I did it on my website, and they do it for free, for up to 100 responses a month.. (above that, you have to pay for their services)... but if you expect less than 100 a month for starters, you can use this without paying anything... good times!

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