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    Post iWeb & own personal websites...
    Im just curious to know if anyone out here uses iWeb on a daily basis. Designing & publishing your own website (description of iWeb on online store) does that mean you start your website from scratch? Do you need to pay for your own URL? (because i know people who did that).

    I have my own website ( but its based on as I have also blogged with blogspot but stopped later on. I am very interested to set up my own website with everything self-customized & wanna know if there is anything mandatory I need to deal with.

    thanks guys.

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    iweb is in conunction with .mac if you wish to publish your site with .mac you get a address like its something like that. OR you could purchase some webhosting and save your iweb to disk and then upload it using a web host

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    iWeb is a great tool as long as its not too media rich.
    I built a website on iWeb and its now the biggest and fastest growing wakeboarding website in europe. With that in mind, i use iWeb everyday in conjunction with Final Cut and a few other things.

    The 'tips' i would say for iweb are the following:
    Keep the pages as clean as possible at all times. Dont have too many boxes with too many things for the user to view. The .Mac servers are slow enough with iWeb pages, without adding to it. The reason for this is because of the coding that iWeb codes with to make websites - in short, its far from perfect and complicated.

    The biggest tip i can give you, and one that i think is overlooked, is to use 'Websafe' fonts. In the font list, there is a section called 'Websafe' and you kinda need to have your site in one of these. PC and internet explorer will interpret the fonts that apple have as something else and won't come out how you want it to.
    If you want to use a specific apple font, you still can, just add a small drop shadow to the text (about 10%) and it will turn the text into a PNG file and display it as seen in iWeb.

    Other than that - be creative with the layout and design of the site. iWeb is much more powerful than people give it credit for. You just have to look beyond the design view in front of you to get what you want out of it.

    Thats pretty much all i would say with regards to the day to day use of iweb. If you're doing an online store - forget iWeb and use something else. It can't handle that sort of HTML code for a secure online store. . .

    Any other questions, you can PM me. My site is at

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