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    Question iWeb keeps saving text as .png?!
    Hi everyone,

    Is there a rule or something to make sure that iWeb always saves text as text and not as a png file? If you take a look at a page from my site:

    You'll see that some text is text but some text is a .png. How do I tell iWeb to stop converting my text to png?

    Simon :-)

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    You can't. iWeb makes all styled text (custom fonts, colors, sizes, etc) png files, this makes it so it looks the same on all browsers and you don't need to worry about CSS incompatibilities. This is fine for personal blogs, but anything that you are building that needs to be indexed by search engines will not be able to be seen (because there isn't actually any text). What you can do to stop iWeb from doing this is leave the text the default style of the theme you are using.


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